Update on news reporting on today’s day of action across Colombia

Colombian workers in rural and urban areas, students and many other sectors have held numerous protests across the country today. Unsurprisingly, the police have attacked the demonstrators, with reports suggesting the police have used live ammunition. People have courageously fought back with whatever they can.

In a headline ‘Anti-government protests in Colombia; Violent clashes with Police in Bogota and Medellin’, Colombia Reports starts:

“Tens of thousands have taken to the streets across Colombia in the biggest show of force from anti-government protests since agriculture workers went on strike last week. Violent clashes were reported, primarily from Bogota.

Protesters started arriving at the Plaza Bolivar in Bogota in the late morning, and by the early afternoon there were roughly 10,000 people assembled in the city’s main square. Caracol Radio, one of Colombia’s national media intensely following ongoing protests, reported that a total of 40,000 people were protesting around the city.” Read more here.

Al Jazeera reports: ‘Colombian President seeks calm amidst protests’.

Colombia Reports also writes that it appears Santos can no longer ignore the protests, albeit only referring to the ‘agricultural sector’, while students are threatening to join the action.

The indigenous Wayuu people are reported to have blocked the main road in the north between Colombia and Venezuela in the far northeast region of La Guajira, forcing the closure of several businesses in Maicao.


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